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. >>> an all-time odd couple. kim jong-un and former nba bad boy dennis rodman watching a basketball game together in pyongyang. rodman quoted as telling the leader of north korea, quote, you have a friend for life. >>> at the pga honda classic in florida, tiger woods had one that landed in a water hazard. so he took off his shoes and socks and got wet to hit it out and save his par. finishing his day 6 back of the leader. >>> the latest version of the internet dance craze. is the miami heat. they were trying to have fun with what it might be called not the harlem shake, maybe we should call this the south beach shake or something like that. >>> you're watching "early today." good morning and welcome back. temperatures look mild on the west coast for today. we're in the 40s and 50s. l.a. is at about 52 degrees with a huge warmup later on this afternoon. it should once again top out in the 80s. wet in seattle today, an inch or two is possible extreme northwestern washington state and then as we go into tomorrow we should get a break from the heaviest rain inland but it will be falling alon
the united states. leader kim jong-un is urging his military to be on high alert and threatening the u.s. with a nuclear attack. the u.s. officials say any warhead being built by the north is nowhere near completion. >>> senate democrats unveiled legislation to prevent the government shutdown this month, but the measure stopped short of the sequester's automatic spending cuts. the catch-all bill will fund day-to-day operations of government through september 30th. current funding that runs out on march 27th. the bill from maryland senator barbara mcculskey expands on house legislation. later this morning budget committee chairman paul ryan is expected to release his budget proposal. >>> the man accused in the deadly aurora, colorado, nethear massacre is expected to enter a plea today. court documents confirm 25-year-old james holmes has asked to enter an insanity plea to 166 felony counts of murder. but that plea comes with conditions. late last night, a judge ruled holmes would have to be drugged for a state psychiatric exam. 12 people were killed and 70 others injured in that kl kcol
a day after kim jong-un ran a mock strike. pyongyang has stepped up its rhetoric in recent days. over what it calls hostile, ongoing military drill s betwee south korea and the u.s. although north korea is believed to lack the technology to carry out such an attack washington says it's deploying more anti-missile batteries in alaska to counter a possible threat. >>> a massive man hunt continues this morning as colorado police search for the cold-blooded killer of the head of the state department's state corrections. tom clements was shot at his front door tuesday night in monument, just north of colorado springs. investigators say due to his position as executive director of the corrections department there could be any number of people who may have had a motive to target him. state police have few leads but they are looking for a vehicle that according to a neighbor was left running outside just minutes before the murder. >> that's being described as something lar to, perhaps a late '80s early '90s lincoln, perhaps a cadillac, something of that nature. it's a boxy-style vehicle, if w
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3

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